Birthday Present

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While in Australia I turned the big four-o. I had mentally prepared myself for being 40 for the past year, so I can’t say it was traumatic or anything like that. And what’s the alternative… never turning 40 would also come with a 7 foot pine-box, and life is too good for that sort of thing anytime soon, if I can help it. Okay, enough of that. What I really wanted to mention was the lovely birthday present from my fantastic, loving, beautiful, talented, sexy, creative, intelligent,… (the list goes on), wife Kyrie. A Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 EX DG HSM lens. i got it a few days before my birthday, shortly after we arrived in Australia, so I had maximum use out of it while there as she pointed out. Great lens.


Back from down under

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Just back from a 3 weeks trip to Australia. So that will have to be this months excuse for not posting anything.

I’m in the process of going though my images, it’s slow progress – first of all because I have done nothing to them while in Australia, just offloaded the files (and making backups of course), second my job currently requires some overtime – but hopefully there will be some time this weekend.

Great trip, though I didn’t get to any really serious shooting very often, e.g. the right time, at the right (and pre scoped) location, with enough time (or whatever time the movement of the Sun would allow). But that was as expected, it can be difficult to combine photography and family vacation. But most importantly it was my first time in Australia with my wife, a real joy!

Upgrade done!

•February 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

Well after a long and difficult (mental) process. I’ve finally upgraded. After reading several reviews on the EOS 50D, especially the review at, I came to the conclusion that the EOS 50D was not the way to go. It is a very nice camera, no question about it, but it has too many minor flaws.

The question of course was where to turn. Nikon, or maybe Pentax? Of course it meant that I had to sell all my “old” lenses, and not having a backup camera in form of my trusty EOS 20D, or keep all my lenses, and work with two different systems (at extra cost).

Enter the much awaited Canon EOS 5D Mark II. After looking at the specs I knew this was the camera for me, but I was still waiting for the review from, so far in vain. I know Canon have had trouble keeping up with demand, and it have been difficult to get hold of a production model, but it still surprises me that the good people at hasn’t put out a review yet. Luckily others have had their hands on a production model, and the reviews from these people have been very favorable. Especially the accounts from Christian Fletcher has been of high importance, since he for one is one of my favorite photographers and second because he specialize in landscape photography, of which category are the majority of the more “serious” photos I make.

I’ve also many times over the past years regretted that I didn’t go for the old EOS 5D instead of the EOS 20D. Although the EOS 20D has served me very well, a full frame DSLR has been on the wish list for a long time. There’s also the HD video capabilities of the EOS 5D, although I’ve never been that interested in video, the results from the likes of Michael Fletcher and Vincent Laforet are very intriguing.

So, a no brainer it would seem… Well not quite. Yes the camera is about all I’ve ever wished for and more – if we for a moment forget the existence of such a thing as a digital panoramic camera – but the price tag for the EOS 5D is also twice that of the EOS 50D, hence the difficult decision. You can’t really describe the mental process of making such a decision – Well I can’t. So I won’t attempt to do so, suffice to say it took me the better part of 3 month to reach the final conclusion. I was going to go for the EOS 5D.

Next hurdle was what my wife would say to that decision. I was fully prepared to make my case in front the boss, forgetting what an absolute wonderful wife I have. She didn’t even lift an eyebrow (well maybe she did, but it was very discreet). I should have known that she wouldn’t oppose it, she has always been very supportive and encouraging of my passion for photography.

Okay, so all set ready to go buy the camera. First checking the prices in Australia, Singapore and USA, all countries I will be visiting within the next 6 month. As usual I didn’t see any significant lower prices compared to the lowest in Denmark. I would also like to have the camera in hand a few weeks before going to Australia, so that worked out fine.

…Now, where to get it? First I tried Photografica (properly my favorite photo store in Copenhagen), but they had a waiting list of 40+, on recommendation from my wife I tried Foto/C, and yes they had one coming in the next day that wasn’t promised to anyone – that camera is now in my camera bag.

Finally – Canon EOS 50D

•September 4, 2008 • 1 Comment

Canon EOS 50D

I’ve been contemplating where to go in terms of upgrade. I love my Canon EOS 20D, and it has served me well. However the 8.2 MP are a little on the small side for large fine art print – avoiding the whole debate about the required resolution in terms of megapixel count. Primary problem is the limited freedom in terms of cropping with only 8.2 MP to start with. Granted, many of my photos are panoramic, more often than not created from a number of shots stitched together, thus creating a rather large file, so in that sense a camera able to produce a bigger pixel count, isn’t required. However, when taking stitched photos the size buffer can actually be of some importance, since it at times can be crucial to be able to take about 9 RAW format shots in quick succession, something the 20D can struggle to achieve.

I’ve have had my eye on the Canon EOS 5D for a long time, as the natural step up. Apart from the fact that the 5D are due for an upgrade (EOS 5D Mark II has yet to be announced), the main problem have been one of finance. Not only does the EOS 5D cost significantly more than the Canon EOS 40D, there is also the problem of lenses: The lenses I have are either made for the 1.6 factor sensor (EF-S lenses), or are only capable of producing really good sharpness in the center – fine for a 1.6 sensor, but not a full frame. So what to do? And if I need to change all my lenses anyway, why stick with Canon, when Nikon (and others) has such good cameras to offer? I have of course also been looking at the EOS 40D, but frankly I don’t see the upgrade matching the cost.

But now all doubt might soon be gone: The Canon EOS 50D has just been announced. Looking at the specs it looks like it fits my requirements completely – now I’m just waiting for the in-depth review, to see if it delivers what I’m hoping for.

First blog entry

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So, the time has come for me too to start a blog. Didn’t really think I would ever do this, but inspired by photographers such as Christian Fletcher and Flemming Bo Jensen, and the joy I have reading their blogs. I feel the time has come. And so, I’m going to follow my dear wife Kyrie’s example and start my own blog.

I’ve used this opportunity to clean up my web site, make it a little more focused if you will – are now more a pure gallery site, with just one reference to this blog.  

This blog will primarily be about photography, more specifically landscape photography, but I won’t promise that some other observation might slip in from time to time. 

As for the frequency of new entries… well I know myself well enough not to promise anything, but I will try to have new material to read for frequent visitors.