Finally – Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D

I’ve been contemplating where to go in terms of upgrade. I love my Canon EOS 20D, and it has served me well. However the 8.2 MP are a little on the small side for large fine art print – avoiding the whole debate about the required resolution in terms of megapixel count. Primary problem is the limited freedom in terms of cropping with only 8.2 MP to start with. Granted, many of my photos are panoramic, more often than not created from a number of shots stitched together, thus creating a rather large file, so in that sense a camera able to produce a bigger pixel count, isn’t required. However, when taking stitched photos the size buffer can actually be of some importance, since it at times can be crucial to be able to take about 9 RAW format shots in quick succession, something the 20D can struggle to achieve.

I’ve have had my eye on the Canon EOS 5D for a long time, as the natural step up. Apart from the fact that the 5D are due for an upgrade (EOS 5D Mark II has yet to be announced), the main problem have been one of finance. Not only does the EOS 5D cost significantly more than the Canon EOS 40D, there is also the problem of lenses: The lenses I have are either made for the 1.6 factor sensor (EF-S lenses), or are only capable of producing really good sharpness in the center – fine for a 1.6 sensor, but not a full frame. So what to do? And if I need to change all my lenses anyway, why stick with Canon, when Nikon (and others) has such good cameras to offer? I have of course also been looking at the EOS 40D, but frankly I don’t see the upgrade matching the cost.

But now all doubt might soon be gone: The Canon EOS 50D has just been announced. Looking at the specs it looks like it fits my requirements completely – now I’m just waiting for the in-depth review, to see if it delivers what I’m hoping for.


~ by sorenjohansen on September 4, 2008.

One Response to “Finally – Canon EOS 50D”

  1. I am in the same dilemna. I own a 20D and shoot sports photography. I started my own little bussiness and do a lot of cropping to get the posters I make look great. I think I will go for the 50D once some test shots come out and some hands on reviews are written. I am really interested in how well it can handle the high iso settings.

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